Writing Inspiration From Spurious Correlation

Hopefully, you are familiar with the phrase 'correlation does not prove causation.' Roughly speaking, this means that two things might appear to be linked and that perhaps one even causes the other but in reality they have nothing to do with one another.

A Room of my Own

We're moving house! From a 2-bed to a 4/5-bed. I'm so excited because the really great news is that I'll finally have my own office and with that a space for my writing and crafting.

When Your World-Building Needs Word-Building: Creating and Mutating Language For Fiction

The book I'm writing at the moment is set thousands of years in the future, in an isolated community. If you look back only a few hundred years, English is very different from what it is today. In my book, I wanted to create a sense that English has evolved and moved on from it's... Continue Reading →

What If You Could See Gravity?

I've been thinking about the recent detection of gravitational waves in the Ligo detector. As with so many things I read, whilst i'm in the midst of creating a story, I tend to see everything through the prism of that lens. Ideas are drawn to the world I create like a magnet. Given that they... Continue Reading →

The Scent of the Universe

    Baked nights crisped tarmac between hot sheets. and the open window letting white-scent static. Singed beef and sugared ripples, stank of half-grown stars.   photo by lrargerich

Patrick Ness on Ideas

The hardest thing about writing a novel or writing anything is that a novel will eat ideas like forest fires through trees.

What Would We Trade With Aliens?

I noticed this image on Reddit today, and it got me thinking about the whole system of colonialism. The man in the picture is Horatio Gordon Robley, sitting there with his collection of Mokomokai.

I Found My Crisis Point

I've been struggling to write recently. I put it down to completing the two-year Creative Writing Program with New Writing South, and the burn-out from that. But I realised yesterday that I was stuck on two scenes at the end of the third-act (my story has five acts in total).

The Scent of Space

If you could smell space, what would it smell like?

How to Read One-Hundred Books in a Year

That's two books a week! You're going to need to get organised! Way, way back in 2012 I set myself the New Year's resolution of reading 100 books in the year. And not just any old books, those classics of literature that you tell yourself you'll read one day. Those mighty tomes, sitting up on your shelf, mocking you with their presence - Moby Dick, The Tin Drum, Anna Karenina, Ulysses.

Lightning Bolts Bigger Than the Milky Way

In case you haven't heard, scientists have discovered evidence for a cosmic jet with the energy of a trillion lightning bolts.

Abandoned Bottles

In one of my previous jobs I did a lot of woodland surveying. Out all day long with just the trees for company in remote patches of woodland.

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