I Found My Crisis Point

I’ve been struggling to write recently. I put it down to completing the two-year Creative Writing Program with New Writing South, and the burn-out from that. But I realised yesterday that I was stuck on two scenes at the end of the third-act (my story has five acts in total).

The Scenes weren’t really working and I knew it was because I was trying to force the characters to behave in a way that served the plot and not their own goals and desires. But I also knew that I needed a moment of despair and desolation, where all the treads pull together and lead my protagonist towards self-destruction.

So I gave myself some time away from writing, I started getting into this blog, I read some advice from other writers. I brainstormed some alternatives to the scenes that weren’t working. And lo and behold, I came up with the perfect idea. A way to drive my protagonist into misery that fits with everything that has gone before and feels right for all my characters and the story I’m trying to tell.

Don’t you just love it when it all fits together so nicely? And don’t you just hate yourself for not realising the perfectly obvious solution that was in front of you the whole time?

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