What If You Could See Gravity?

I’ve been thinking about the recent detection of gravitational waves in the Ligo detector.

As with so many things I read, whilst i’m in the midst of creating a story, I tend to see everything through the prism of that lens. Ideas are drawn to the world I create like a magnet.

Given that they behave somewhat like light waves, only they don’t interact with matter so they persist for longer, it would be within the realms of believability for an animal to evolve that could ‘see’ gravitational waves and perhaps have no perception of our world of light. Instead relying on gravitational waves for sensory input.

What would the world be like to them? Would they be able to ‘feel’ the shape of the universe? Sense the movement of objects around them?

Considering the size of the apparatus we’ve used to detect the signals (4km long) would a creature that could ‘see’ these waves have to have sensory organs on a similar scale? Would natural selection create a more elegant solution? Or are these waves simply too difficult for any creature to evolve to detect?

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