A Room of my Own

We’re moving house! From a 2-bed to a 4/5-bed. I’m so excited because the really great news is that I’ll finally have my own office and with that a space for my writing and crafting.

Now I’ve always tried to be relaxed about where I write. Grabbing writing time wherever I can – the backseat of a car, on a train, a crowded cafe, in bed, on the sofa. I think it’s important not to get too tied down to writing in a particular spot at a particular time. Writing in new locations is a great way to get a new perspective.

At the moment, my set up is a desk in an awkward corner of the bedroom. But I never use it as it is slowly being invaded by my husband’s belongings. It’s not ideal.

So the idea of having my own writing space has massive appeal. I admit, a secret pleasure of mine is googling author’s writing rooms to see how the space they surround themselves with compares to their writing. Who wouldn’t want a place for all their books. A wall for sticking up notes and ideas. The perfect armchair for lounging in and most importantly, a door to shut out distractions.

Of course, all this means that for the next month at least my life is going to be up in the air, with countless distractions to take me away from my writing project.

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