Second Draft Complete

It feels like I’ve been labouring over my second draft forever, stuck editing the same lines over and over again. Taking my freewriting, stream-of-conscious musings and shaping them into some sort of narrative. I wasn’t moving forward, frozen on the same handful of scenes. So I came up with a few different ways to motivate myself:

  1. Paid mentoring – I asked a former tutor of mine to look through 10,000 words of my work in progress and give me feedback. I gave myself a deadline to get the work to her and made sure those 10,000 words were towards the end of my piece.
  2. A reward – my computer was old and so sloooow. Some websites would no longer load or took far to long to process. I promised myself a new, super-shiny computer once my second draft was complete… which really got my fingers flying
  3. I’ve asked my husband to read the whole darn thing, my deadline to send it to him is the end of September
  4. I’ve had the germ of an idea for a new novel but I can’t even think about that until this book is written first
  5. And I really want to work on some shorter fiction ideas too, but am holding back as I don’t want to divert energy from my current work

So, it’s exciting to be progressing, but I still feel like I’ve got a long way to go before I can even think about submitting it anywhere.

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