Early to bed, early to rise…

Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it… that’s right, I’m talking about waking up in time to see the dawn!

A couple of my writing friends have been telling me recently about how they regularly wake up early to fit in writing around, life, work and children. I’ve really been struggling to motivate myself to write in the evenings. There are too many good box sets to catch up on… Twin Peaks…The Handmaid’s Tale…Portlandia…

So in an effort to complete my book before 2020 I have decided to run an experiment and wake up a little earlier each day. And keep at it for at least two weeks to give myself a chance to form a habit and see if I like it.

I normally tumble out of bed as close to 7.00 as my two-year-old son will allow. My plan was to ease in slowly, wake up half an hour earlier each day or two days.

The first day went badly. I was woken at 6.30 by my son, who proceeded to cry to be let out.

Today, the second attempt, was even worse. I set my alarm for 6.00, crept out my bedroom to the study only to hear the familiar sounds of stirring and grumbling coming from my son. No sooner had I sat down to write, he was crying to be let out and refused to be comforted by my husband.

I plan to practise my ninja-sneaking skills for tomorrow’s session… maybe the third time I’ll be lucky?

Image: WallBoat

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