Ad Hoc Fiction winner!

I woke this morning to some fabulous news. I won this week’s flash fiction challenge over at Ad Hoc Fiction!

The prompt word was ‘Earth’ and you can read the story here:

I took the prompt word, did some brainstorming around uses and meaning of the word and then whilst I was thinking about it the first line popped out, fully formed. After that the story seemed to fall into place pretty quickly. I gave it to my husband to read, who offered some feedback and a few tweaks and before I could back out I pressed submit!

I love the process of writing flash fiction, weighing up every single word – like writing poetry. And it makes a nice break from chipping away at an 80,000 word monster!

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2 thoughts on “Ad Hoc Fiction winner!

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  1. Congratulations on the win, enjoyed your piece! I’ve been submitting to Ad Hoc for ages and no wins yet (as you can see from my blog where some non-winners can be found)! I like it for the short deadline to get me writing, sometimes I develop them into longer pieces afterwards.


    1. Thanks! Good luck. I’ve been lurking on ad-hoc for a while, but that was the first time I submitted – I’m still pretty shocked! It’s nice to take a break from novel writing and do some flash-fiction and feel like I’m actually capable of finishing something 😉

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