I was born in Zimbabwe where I developed a taste for large shiny beetles and mud pies. My middle name, Tendai, means ‘be thankful’ in Shona. We moved back to London when I was one.

In 2012 I travelled from Brighton to Singapore without flying. Modes of transport included bus, train, bicycle, horse, ski lift, tuk-tuk, motorbike, ferry and legs.


On the way, I expanded my range of insect-based food to include crickets, I got caught in a storm half-way up a mountain and hitched a lift from cabbage farmers, ate delicious noodles, took a boat through a flooded forest, saw fireballs from a mystical beast, ate more noodles, had a water fight on a tuk-tuk, was hit with birch twigs (for fun), saw an atlas moth hatch and learnt how to hold my breath for two minutes. Did I mention the noodles?


I now live in Brighton with my husband and son and have recently completed the Creative Writing Program by New Writing South. I have written stories since I can remember. My earliest was a picture book about mermaids scrawled in an old account ledger, which had a very weak plot.


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