I was born in Zimbabwe  where I spent my time eating large shiny beetles and playing in the dirt. My middle name – Tendai – means ‘be thankful’ in Shona.

We moved back to London when I was one. Growing up in a leafy suburb, I could often be found at the local library and bookshop, books with witches and puzzles were my favourite.

I met my husband at the University of Sussex, where I completed a degree in Ecology and Conservation.

I like challenges – climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, walking across hot coals, reading 100 books in a year – I didn’t get much else done. Recently I challenged myself to travel as far as I could without flying – I went from Brighton to Singapore without taking a single plane. Modes of transport included bus, train, bicycle, horse, ski lift, tuk-tuk, motorbike, ferry and legs.

On this journey I expanded my range of insect based food, got caught in a storm half way up a mountain and hitched a lift from cabbage farmers, took a boat ride across a flooded forest, saw fireballs from a mystical beast, had a water fight on a tuk-tuk, drank vodka (the proper way), was hit with birch twigs in Russia (for fun), saw an atlas moth hatch, was was silent for a day, swam over an eel garden and learnt how to hold my breath for two minutes.

I now live in Brighton with my husband and baby son and have recently completed the Creative Writing Program by New Writing South. I have written stories and poems since I learnt to hold a pen. My earliest ‘work’ includes a picture book about mermaids scrawled in an old account ledger (which I admit had a very weak plot) and a gruesome poem about hunters killing a baby polar bear.

This blog will be a collection of random bits of inspiration I come across, writing advice, book reviews and the occasional snatch of creative-writing.


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