Third Draft Complete

It's official. I've finished my third draft.

Flash Fiction published at 365tomorrows

I woke this morning to the exciting news that my piece, Number Seventy-Two, is the flash-fiction piece for the day on 365tomorrows.

Ad Hoc Fiction winner!

I woke this morning to some fabulous news. I won this week's flash fiction challenge over at Ad Hoc Fiction!

Early to bed, early to rise…

Birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it... that's right, I'm talking about waking up in time to see the dawn!

Second Draft Complete

It feels like I've been labouring over my second draft forever, stuck editing the same lines over and over again. Taking my freewriting, stream-of-conscious musings and shaping them into some sort of narrative. I wasn't moving forward, frozen on the same handful of scenes. So I came up with a few different ways to motivate myself:

A Room of my Own

We're moving house! From a 2-bed to a 4/5-bed. I'm so excited because the really great news is that I'll finally have my own office and with that a space for my writing and crafting.

I Found My Crisis Point

I've been struggling to write recently. I put it down to completing the two-year Creative Writing Program with New Writing South, and the burn-out from that. But I realised yesterday that I was stuck on two scenes at the end of the third-act (my story has five acts in total).

First Draft of Lumid Complete

It's taken me a year, whilst juggling raising a baby, working freelance and attending the New Writing South Creative Writing Program, but my first draft is complete!

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