Second Draft Complete

It feels like I've been labouring over my second draft forever, stuck editing the same lines over and over again. Taking my freewriting, stream-of-conscious musings and shaping them into some sort of narrative. I wasn't moving forward, frozen on the same handful of scenes. So I came up with a few different ways to motivate myself:

When Your World-Building Needs Word-Building: Creating and Mutating Language For Fiction

The book I'm writing at the moment is set thousands of years in the future, in an isolated community. If you look back only a few hundred years, English is very different from what it is today. In my book, I wanted to create a sense that English has evolved and moved on from it's... Continue Reading →

Patrick Ness on Ideas

The hardest thing about writing a novel or writing anything is that a novel will eat ideas like forest fires through trees.

The Scent of Space

If you could smell space, what would it smell like?

Lightning Bolts Bigger Than the Milky Way

In case you haven't heard, scientists have discovered evidence for a cosmic jet with the energy of a trillion lightning bolts.

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