I’m currently working on a Young Adult Science Fiction Novel, Lumid. Which I hope to complete by Christmas 2017.

Jakob lives inside a colossal space-faring creature called a lumid. Life isn’t going well. He’s stuck in a black hole, trapped there by a cloaked assassin, and he’s pretty sure he’s about to die.
For his sixteenth birthday he received an ancient computer. Embedded deep within he discovered a video diary of Krista – the first human to step inside a lumid.
What she reveals threatens all their lives. Those in power will do anything to keep it secret. Including killing Jakob.
It’s up to him to save them from destruction but first he has to save himself.

In my spare time I write short stories about monsters living in forests, cat-stealing old ladies and anything else that tickles my fancy.

Astronauts ad-hoc fiction winner

Number Seventy-Two at 365tomorrows


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