I’ve completed work on a Young Adult Science Fiction, Lumid.

Sixteen-year-old Jakob is sent to a dusty planet to mine ore for the government. It’s the first time he’s been outside their living-ship and he longs for the gloomy safety of home. Once work is complete, the miners wait for collection. And wait… But no one’s coming to get them. Jakob’s sure of it.

Jakob must battle his way across a desolate planet, facing hunger, thirst and a flesh-eating fog. Yet even greater dangers await his return. He’s hiding a secret. A secret the government will go to any length to bury.

I’m currently developing ideas for my next novel, which will involve an apprenticeship for the most dangerous job in the universe.

In my spare time I write short stories about monsters living in forests, cat-stealing old ladies and anything else that tickles my fancy.

Astronauts ad-hoc fiction winner

Number Seventy-Two at 365tomorrows


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